Diamond’s biological father calls on his son to do this for him

September 14, 2018 at 11:13
Diamond's biological father calls on his son to do this for him

Diamond Platnumz’s biological father Abdul Juma has sent a humble plea to his son. Mzee Abdul wants Diamond to help him earn a living.

For starters, Abdul Juma abandoned Diamond and his mother when the Tanzanian superstar was just a kid, only to surface later when his son had become the king of Bongo music.

Diamond cut communications with his biological father ages ago even though his dad has been desperately trying to re-establish contact with him.

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Capital to start business
Mzee Abdul with his daughter Queen Darleen

Mzee Abdul with his daughter Queen Darleen

Mzee Abdul wants his son to give him capital to start a business that will sustain him. The deadbeat dad says he wants to sell secondhand clothes.

Diamond father also said that he doesn’t want his son to buy him a car since he wouldn’t manage to maintain it, he explained that he only wants Diamond to give him capital to start any business though he prefers selling mtumba since he has prior experience.







  1. What did his father do to deserve all this? Diamond grow up

  2. Pole sana mzee, God will bless you

  3. I hate this Diamond, your father should not be using media to beg for your help,bure kabisa

  4. You ranting here on diamond dis you not read he ambadones diamond when he was young I have no respect for such parents but because there’s God I would give him money and cut ties that what I do to my Familly but still I won’t blame diamond so stop this crap .

    • No mary..when a person is do you wrong you are supposed to be better than them. .it is for God to punish not you dear. ..and a parent has a right no matter what they do. .how can a bad person change for the better if we all become the same? Good people make the world a better place even though they are few ?

  5. Samwel Kibet Ngeno : September 14, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    He is still the father. Regardless

  6. Let him be lesson to such irresponsible parents

  7. A man who does not take care of his family is worse than a believer… let it be a lesson to most men..Diamond is still hurt its soo very bad all the suffering

  8. Daimond Mwenyewe si Umeimba Samehe Mara 70 kwenye verse ya Kwangaru. Mbona humsamehi Mzee wetu. Just 4give him bro.just 4get abt past. Raise him up ndo baba huyo pengine makosa yake yamekufungulia milango uliyonayolea
    Msalimu sista Q. Na Konde boy Nchumali wanchom

  9. At times some situations are so taxing and will depend on ones personality.
    Honestly to me I would decline.
    He abadoned us at young age what makes him come back??? What if diamond wasn’t a bongo star? He couldn’t resurface. Big no

  10. I can’t do this to my father

  11. Diamond is not different from his deadbeat dad!He has also abandoned several women with his children.He abandoned Zari,Wema Sepetu,and many more that we don’t know!

  12. Shameless people,he abandoned his son when he was little n needing him,plz guy let Diamont be…he his wright

  13. Vita ya wazazi achia wazazi and you will be blessed.. Diamond is doing wrong cz ata yeye he is nota responsible parent so anafaa akue bff ya babake the y are of the same feather

  14. I can’t tolerate deadbeat fathers the man decided to rest while the boy struggled so let him rest with his poverty…..diamond ain’t no angel but still why look for that son you abonded when he needed you….

  15. Ask those who don’t have dad’s they will tell you the cost of a parent.as now we are talking where is diamond’s children.they are away from diamond.thay are with zari.so please take of your parents regardless of what?

  16. Fluent in flute : September 14, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    Asipewe hataaa ndururu..you abandon a child, they dont even get a decent education..Then when they are rich you come back..na angebaki maskini? He would not have bothered.angekua bado hana haja naye.Mzee made his bed full of thorns now He must lay on it.

    • His mother is also aslay queen(pr…)a very old one. unfortunately, the son is also a loose gun,albeit with a lot of cash. He might not go far!!

  17. Just give your dad what he asks for if you are true muslim love and forgiveness …you have more than enough he will always be your dad let people learn from your kidness?

  18. Everybody needs a second chance in life and their is no mistake that can’t be forgiven…kwani Diamond hujai kosa akafu ukaombe msamaha usamehewe?? Forgive your dad

  19. Well… Diamond you are grown up, you know what it takes to be a parent also how it feels to be one. Come on, no matter what crime he did, the fact still remains he is you biological father. You can never change that. Its not good for the one that brought you into this word to beg you like he has no part in your life. Yes he abandoned you, I agree, but he left his blood running in your veins. You can cut all the communications and connections you do have with him but remember you can’t cut his blood in you. Offer him the help. Ain’t saying you should talk to him or be connected but will advice you that it will be wise if you forgive and forget, offer help and talk as men. That’s all… Remember you are a role model to many, act like one. Be an example

  20. You reap what you sow….Mzee pambana na Hali yako…you never taught your son how to care,you taught him abandonment…

  21. Emily Wambui Mairani : September 15, 2018 at 7:59 am

    Never judge your parents for as long as they brought you unto this world let God judge them…Do greater things coz you are a father too.. Let your teachings be greater to your kids than to he’s.. Be humble for if it were not for him doesn’t matter now what he did you wouldn’t be on this earth…

  22. فروشگاه اینترنتی : September 15, 2018 at 10:51 am

    will depend on ones personality and always be your dad let people learn from your kidness

  23. Amen

  24. To be a parent means a lot. Diamond, life is too short we just need to forgive and forget the past for our future doesn’t lie in the past. Blood is thicker than water, help your dad for the better generation.

  25. It feels free to forgive people even when you don’t forget that pain melts out and sorrows end diamond should forgive his dad coz whether he likes it or not he gave that life to him and is still his dad……and the dad should be begging for money but forgiveness

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