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Diana Marua pens emotional message remembering late mother

April 09, 2019 at 09:13
Diana Marua pens emotional message remembering late mother

Diana Marua has penned down an emotional tribute to her late-mum who passed on 10 years ago. She penned the letter on April 8, which was her birthday and she would have been turning 50 years old.


Marua has always revealed how she misses her mum who passed while she was still a young woman. In the letter, she shared that she has always fought to make her proud even though she’s not around.

Read the letter below:

“Happy 50th Birthday Mama. I don’t have too many photos of us but the memories of you is what lingers on. It’s been 10 Solid years without you… Life has given me its share of its own kind and every day I go through it with my head up and a smile that never fades. Your presence is always felt and I have no doubt in my mind that you are very proud of us @glam_by_varl and @d_eimos of what we’ve turned out to become. How I wish that you were around to see your grandchildren (Morgan, Remy, Blake, Blair and Heaven), be physically in our lives and celebrate this big day with you… but regardless, God is good! Celebrate with the Heavens Mama, I know they’ve set a Grand Table for you…. Najua watu huko hawapumui. Today, I’m nothing but grateful that you brought me into this world. Keep praying for us, May you always smile upon us, keep being our guardian angel. We will strive to Always make you Proud! Enjoy your Big Day! Happy Birthday my Guardian Angel.




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