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Diana Marua reveals why she is comfortable being a jobless house wife!

April 06, 2020 at 11:50
Diana Marua reveals why she is comfortable being a jobless house wife!

Diana Marua is not ashamed of her current job situation! In fact according to the lass, her husband Bahati is very much comfortable supporting her and the kids without any complaints!

Diana Marua

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Well, this past week Diana Marua was exposed for allegedly stealing handbags from one of her friends! Rumor had it that the friend left the handbags with Diana Marua then later on when she came back for them; Mrs Bahati allegedly started ignoring her calls and texts.

Former classmate exposes Diana

With the story out in the public Diana Marua’s former classmates from ABC Mitaboni girls came out exposing Diana for always being a petty thief.

Diana exposed

According to one, Ms Marua started stealing from way back in high school and even got embarrassed by her principal in front of the whole school back in the day.

Yes I am a house wife

Anyway thanks to the handbag story, we finally got a chance to learn why Diana Marua has no job despite all her connections!

One of her fans went on to ask Diana Marua about her joblessness saying;

Diana do you work apart from kutegemea Bahati?

To which Diana surprisingly responded admitting about being jobless; however unlike other women, Diana revealed that her man is fully supportive and is okay with having his wife rest all day! Diana responded saying;

Imagine I don’t. He provides everything and he is okay with that. I don’t understand why that should bother a handbag. Watu na maisha za watu aki

Well there you have it!





  1. Diana Marua reveals why she is comfortable being a jobless house wife! - Kenyan Digest : April 6, 2020 at 12:21 pm

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    • This is bullshit,who is Diana Maria,kiukweli huyu Diana inaonekana ameyumba,mazingara SAA ZINGINE huwa yanayumba,

  2. Sio kua comfortable NI kuyumba nyinyi hamjui angalia hapa ndio utajua kweli bahati na beb Gyal wake kweli wameyumba

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