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Diana Marua urinates on herself after near-death waterfall challenge with Bahati (Video)

September 14, 2020 at 14:55
Diana Marua urinates on herself after near-death waterfall challenge with Bahati (Video)

Bahati has proven to be Mtoto wa Diana in a recent river challenge that almost cost them their lives.

The lovebirds were out on their LimaVest land project that challenged them to face their fears inclusive of getting thrown into the ravaging waters of a freezing river and thereafter a dive through a deep waterfall in Sagana.

The Bahati couple in Sagana

The journey kicked off in a team of more than 6 individuals inclusive of several guides just in the event things go wrong.

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They started at the shallow banks with Diana´s lack of knowledge on how to swim seeing her struggle to the end. Sadly, Bahati had to be begged to join the challenge for hours but after he eventually did, he was screaming top of his voice and begging his wife Diana to come and rescue him.

Diana Marua with Bahati

All this despite the fact that they had protective floaters on and a boat nearby for rescue. Then came challenge round two when they had to dive from atop a waterfall into the deep waters.

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The muddy rushing waterfall drew a fear in the couple, they first prayed ahead of the challenge. Then Diana´s friend, Shiko was the first to jump in and this saw Diana embarrassingly urinate on her pants before everyone. This saw Bahati openly laugh at his wife for such an ordeal.

Bahati and Weezdom

Meanwhile, the artist was busy praying for his dear life knowing very well he was not going to take up the challenge. At least not this one.

His psyched up wife, Diana, mark-timed for hours until the cameraman got tired of recording and they eventually had to leave without taking up the challenge. Have a look at the hilarious turn of events.




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