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“Did you pay attention to the question I asked the governor?” Mzazi Willy Tuva fires back at Nyashinski

January 07, 2019 at 07:05
"Did you pay attention to the question I asked the governor?" Mzazi Willy Tuva fires back at Nyashinski

Nyashinski launched completely unprovoked attack on Mseto East Africa host Mzazi Willy M Tuva on Friday January 4th 2019.

The rapper threw shade at Mzazi following his interview with Taita Taveta governor Granton Samboja. Mzazi shared part of the interview with Samboja on Instagram, what irked Nyashinski is that Mzazi didn’t share the part where the governor mentioned his favorite Kenyan musicians.

Nyashinski went on to accuse Mzazi of favoring foreign artistes over Kenyan artistes, this because in the IG clip Samboja mentions that ‘Kwangwaru’ is his favorite song.

“@mzaziwillytuva mbona hiyo video inaishia hapo? Hakuwa anajua msanii wa Kenya hata mmoja? ? kuna utiaji flani hapa. Bado home ni Kenya ?? boss. Utarudi tu. Shout out to @thenaiboi @sautisol @khaligraph_jones @thekingkaka @octopizzo @otilebrown and all other Kenyan artists who made major moves in 2018. The fans see y’all working. #love ??,” Nyashinski protested.

Mzazi responds

The Citizen Radio presenter rubbished Nyashinski’s claims that he favors foreign artistes and doesn’t promote local talent. Mzazi listed a number of popular Kenyan musicians that he helped nurture their talent.

Below is Mzazi’s response to Nyashinski;

Kaka @realshinski kwanza Happy New Year, secondly nadhani hujaelewa kitu kwa hii clip. Umesikia vizuri swali langu mara mbili nimemuulizaje Governor ? Msanii gani wa Kenya anamkubali. I can’t choose for him what to like but I pushed him to tell me his favorite Kenyan artistes. This was an Instagram post to lead people to the link on YouTube for the full interview and to know which Kenyan artiste the Governor likes. He mentioned several Kenyan artistes and for you to find out who ingia kwa YouTube ya @msetoeastafrica ukacheki. Another thing Mseto is an East African show that plays more Kenyan but seeks to unite East Africa by including songs from the other countries. Do you know that we introduce at least two Kenyan Upcoming artistes everyday ? Do you know that we tour the whole country in search of talent that we support ? Even on this day I interviewed the Taita Taveta Governor, HE Granton Samboja , I had gone to his County in search of talent. For your information all those artistes you have mentioned above know the role I have played in their music. Ask @thenaiboi how I helped him as a brother into the industry. I will share a post on that. Ask @octopizzo whom I have worked with to nurture talent in Kakuma. Ask @khaligraph_jones whom I have featured many times including @sautisol and @otilebrown. I went all the way to Samburu and discovered @dufladiligon whom I brought in to the industry. Ni mimi ndio nimemlea Dufla na wengine wengi kimuziki na bado 2019 natambulisha more new stars. My brother @realshinski you are always on Mseto both on Radio and TV. Mseto nurtures talent and seeks to unite East Africa through music. Ninachokifanya mafans wa Mseto wanajua. Tafadhali tuache kulalamika na tuungane kuujenga muziki wa Kenya na kuiunganisha Afrika Mashariki kimuziki.







  1. Mzazi ni baba yao…. Someone tell Nyash

  2. Well said

  3. Nyash awache kuingililia maisha ya watu wengine. Pple have freedom of choice. You can’t force someone to support you if they dont feel like.

  4. ka kuna mse anahelp kusupport Kenyan music industry ni Mzazi Willy MT. Nyash you got it wrong this time.

  5. Mzazi Tuva be your self be Kenyan. Life is good when you are real. Fame will fade where will you be? ‘utarudi kwa mamako’ Nyashinski said that meaning you will be back to your people,your country your home. I know mseto is about East Africa but remember you are about Kenya. Be real

  6. Nyash has been away for long and then you come back and insult those trying to help others up?! You didnt even tag any upcoming musician there, all you tagged are successful, na Nyash mwenyewe he should tell us which musician he has nurtured so far before he points fingers,!

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