“You don’t just walk in and out” Emmy Kosgei shares a few tips about marriage life

September 13, 2017 at 14:58
"You don't just walk in and out" Emmy Kosgei shares a few tips about marriage life

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei who is married to popular Nigerian pastor Anselm Madubuko recently celebrated her 4th wedding anniversary in August together with friends and family through her social media pages where she poured out her heart to her main man.

Emmy Kosgei

After this she went on to share another post where she talked about marriage. Now that she has enough experience the lady went on to tell her followers that it is more than just a name and just a normal union. She wrote saying:

Emmy Kosgei

When you get the revelation on marriage you understand it’s more than the name, it’s more than a union…it’s a covenant that God honors! You don’t just walk in and walk out…!

The singer who seems to have joined her husband’s ministry also went on to reveal how much she loves her husband by writing;

I love you more #nkem

Though the couple has not been blessed with a child, they continue to love each other even more judging from the posts shared on their social media pages.



  1. Beautiful mama good message

  2. Well said

  3. this is so sweet

  4. You are on point Emmy

  5. Can you share more of such from time to time?

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