Dr Ofweneke: I was born in 1991 and that’s when my parents separated

June 03, 2019 at 10:01
Dr Ofweneke: I was born in 1991 and that's when my parents separated

Comedian Dr Ofweneke has had a tough past. In a recent interview, he revealed that his parents separated just a week after he was born in 1991.

“I do not know what happened between my parents but my mother left when I was a week old,” he says.

“And they were very young. My dad was 23. They were living in Mathare, Kwa Chief. My dad took me to my grandmother’s place in Mbotela. We moved to Huruma, Dandora – all these ghettos.”


The comedian went on to say that after this ugly split, she decided to look for his mother while in high school. After talking to a few relatives, they finally told him that his mum works at Industrial Area.

“I am not very emotional, but when she saw me, she hugged me while crying for 30 minutes,” he says.


His biggest regret is failing to forgive her when she asked him to on her death bed at Kenyatta National Hospital, after losing her battle with HIV-related illnesses.

“I still have that image of her in my mind, lying on that bed, struggling to get that statement out to ask for forgiveness. I was still mad. I did not know that she was literally in the last stages of her life. I just told her I would see her tomorrow. I did not know ‘tomorrow’ would be in heaven.’ She died about four hours after I left,” he added. .



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