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‘Drunk’ sign language interpreter on Citizen TV mesmerizes Kenyans (video)

November 07, 2018 at 08:30
'Drunk' sign language interpreter on Citizen TV mesmerizes Kenyans (video)

Kenyans recently took to social media to troll a sign language interpreter on citizen TV, accusing him of being drunk while on duty.

A video of the interpreter looking sleepy and high has been trending online for a few days now.


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It’s not clear however whether the man was hangovered as Kenyans claimed or it was just another frustrating day at work. He seemed disconnected though while interpreting.

Here’s what Kenyans had to say:


Muhudumu ongeza glass????? sign language ipandee


The guy looked like he is drunk maiyooooo


@chemutaichepkwony come help a brother man, he his feeling himself


Hii ndio kua lit mbaya ???
When U leave the club at 7 am on a Monday and U have to sign the 9 am morning news
Watch the video below:




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