Eric Omondi’s fiancée: Am not a snob, if you see me out there please come greet me

January 09, 2019 at 10:34
Eric Omondi's fiancée: Am not a snob, if you see me out there please come greet me

Most Kenyans – Nairobians in particular, have been forced to become very wary of some celebrities, especially female celebs, for good reasons.

People interact with celebs within the precincts of a concert or a public event but rarely do they bump into celebs in the streets and strike a conversation.

Well, the reason why some people steer clear of some celebs is because of the fear of being snubbed, imagine the public humiliation.

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Come greet me

Eric Omondi’s fiancée Chantal Grazioli is now imploring her fans to always greet her whenever they see her out there. She was forced to confirm that she is not a snob on social media after her fans DMed her saying that they are always apprehensive about greeting her.

“Hi guys I get a lot of messages on my DM from people saying they saw me around but we’re afraid to say hi…Next time please say hello… I won’t bitecha ?,” wrote Chantal.






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