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Could this be the expensive ride Lilian Muli has been rolling around with? It’s worth 8 million (Photo)

November 15, 2017 at 16:26
Lilian Mui

Lilian Muli is not your average girl. Infact she seems to have matured into a fine woman who is now giving many sleepless nights. Apart from her news reading skills on TV we recently learnt that she is a fashion killa!

Lately Ms Muli has been entertaining her fans through her Instagram. The news anchor a few hours ago shared a photo of a Range Rover praising it’s rims. With this we can tell that she is a lady who loves fancy cars with style and probably pricey.

Minutes later Lilian Muli pulled down the post leaving me wondering if she was afraid of people knowing the machine she drives? Or had it been shared by mistake?

Muli’s post

The anchor’s car

In previous posts is often seen flaunting a steering wheel with a Mercedes Benz logo confirming she drives a Benz. So does this mean the photo she shared was borrowed? Only she knows!





  1. Its a nice ride

  2. Mariam Mohammed : November 15, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    The rims are cool

  3. Life seems to be good

  4. Enjoy life girl

  5. Okay

  6. Hiyo ni gari ya Ben One, Lilian Muli’s current boyfriend, who is also a scammer.

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