Explained! Harmonize discloses reason behind Italian girlfriend´s tattoo on his arm

June 18, 2019 at 12:56
Explained! Harmonize discloses reason behind Italian girlfriend´s tattoo on his arm

Bongo artist, Harmonize discloses that girlfriend, Sarah´s unconditional love and support drove him to tattoo her name on his arm.

The bongo flava star´s recent stunt has been his girlfriend´s name tattooed on his arm, leaving many speculating that she played a major role in purchasing high end cars for his parents.

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Unfortunately, Harmonize speaks a different language after revealing heartwarming reasons behind the tattoo.

Speaking to Tanzanian media, Konde Boy discloses:

Sarah kwasabu, mimi tangu, sijawai kuwa katika mahusiano, ikafika miaka mitatu.

Me and Sarah now we are 3 years old.

According to Harmonize, this is the first relationship he has had going for 3 years plus and he feels honored.

However, Sarah is no ordinary woman for him because he naturally feels the vibe coming from an open, honest and supportive woman.

Lakini ni mwanamke ambae she love me, and she support me.


Navosema kusupport, ni mwanamke ambae ananifanya nikiamka asubui, just feeling comfortable.

Sijawai kuona ata akimeseji mtu anatuma.

Yaani, kama anazungumza na watu, I don´t know.

But sijai kuona, sijai ata kuhisi kwamba labda kuna vitu anafanya different.

Harmonize closes off by expressing his love for his better half who has been there for him despite pressures that come from fans and the world of secular music.

So, namheshimu, nampenda pia.

Lakini pia amekua na mimi sambamba.

Si kazi yetu ni ngumu sana, wasichana wanakua ni wengi, sometimes namkosea na vitu kama hivo.



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