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Failed Attempt! Diamond admits defeat in much hyped Mt Kilimanjaro hike challenge [videos]

October 02, 2019 at 10:04
Failed Attempt! Diamond admits defeat in much hyped Mt Kilimanjaro hike challenge [videos]

East Africa’s Simba, Diamond Platnumz pledged to break a record set on climbing to the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro but never sailed through.

The psyched up bongo artist did not mince his words, bragging how he would get to the top of Africa’s tallest mountain in record time.

A challenge both to the world and to him as an individual and we could not wait to see him make dreams come true.

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Unfortunately, his dreams crumbled even before he got half-way the journey because he just couldn’t proceed.

Now that his vision never saw the light of day, he becomes the punching bag of online trolls, following the failed attempt.

Saturday, the 28th of September, the superstar alongside other Tanzanian celebrities took up the challenge.

A hike set to conclude within 24 hours under the hashtag #TwenzetuKileleni which caught the attention of many.

Energetic and braved up for the mission ahead of him, Platnumz started off by flaunting his zeal.

Sadly, mid-way the journey, barely the first 4 kilometers to the first station, Mandara, Chibu could take it in no more and dropped out voluntarily.

Apparently, even with an offer of Ksh 112,000 upon completion of the hike, the ‘Kanyaga’ hitmaker, never made it even to the first station.

Among other celebrities who did not proceed with the hike include comedian Stephen Nyerere, actor JB and rapper Dogo Janja.

However, his defense for failing to beat the challenge cites his tight performance schedule as a key factor.

Tanzania’s minister for tourism, Hamisi Kigwangala was behind the challenge. One that featured roughly 130 climbers – majority being celebrities – in a bid to promote local tourism.


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BURUDANI: Steve Nyerere na @diamondplatnumz washindwa kutimiza ndoto zao, Shetta na Mwana FA mwendo mdundo. Msanii wa muziki wa Bongo Fleva, @diamondplatnumz na mchekeshaji @stevenyerere2 wameshindwa kutimiza ndoto zao za kupanda mlima Kilimanjaro hadi kileleni. Wawili hao licha ya kujigamba kuwa wangefika kileleni ndani ya masaa 24, Waliishia njiani. Diamond ndiye alikuwa wa kwanza kuchemka, Ambapo aliishia kilometa 4 yaani nusu ya safari ya kufika kituo cha kwanza cha Mandara. Kwa upande wa Steve Nyerere, alitimiza kilometa 8 hadi kituo cha kwanza cha Mandara. Hata hivyo, Licha ya kuonesha ukakamavu Jana asubuhi, Muigizaji huyo aliahidiwa milioni 2.5 endapo ataendelea na safari lakini alisema amezidiwa. Wasanii ambao wapo mpaka sasa hivi kwenye safari ya kupanda mlima ni Mwana FA, Shetta, Ebitoke, Dude, AT na Amin. Mpaka sasa hivi, Wameshatembea kilometa 20 na wapo Mita 3750 kutoka usawa wa bahari. Leo wanatarajia kufika kituo cha tatu cha Kibo, Ambapo watabakiwa na kilometa 6 kufika kileleni. Written and edited by @mgallahtz and @el_mandle Video nzima iko Youtube katika akaunti yetu ya BONGO5 #Twenzetukileleni#Tanzaniaunforgetable

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