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Fans bash Huddah after she pleaded Uhuru Kenyatta to legalize bhang

October 11, 2018 at 07:08
Fans bash Huddah after she pleaded Uhuru Kenyatta to legalize bhang

Socialite Huddah Monroe angered her fans on social media recently after asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to legalize Bhang.

Huddah said that before the president can focus on the referendum he should first look at the pending issue of making weed legal that has also been pushed by several prominent names.

“Before the referendum, we need that weed to be legalized. Honestly, who is sitting next to Mr president right now? Pass this message,” she posted.


The post angered some of her fans who ended up attacking her. Huddah however fired back with an angry statement, saying fans who don’t like her views can unfollow her.

You’ll lose some clients if you post politics! SMH! Its 50% on any side I chose to post! I am not trying to capture everyone in the market. I am not trying to be Jesus!DO NOT TELL ME who I can support and who I can’t!” she said. 

She went on to say that her business is not supported by Kenyans anyway so she doesn’t care if they ditch her.

“I am not even trying to get 100% of Kenyans to support my business! 70% of my business is not even in Kenya to start with! I am a HUSTLER! I have survived this far and I can survive! Unfollow if you like I am not on your side.” she said. 




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