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Fena Gitu says ‘Kaende’ You can’t miss this!!!

June 11, 2019 at 14:27
Fena Gitu says 'Kaende' You can't miss this!!!

Fena Gitu, Denri Brand Ambassador, is back even after she hit the airwaves over her sexuality. Kaende is more of a Sheng’ word that is used to mean let it go. I wonder what inspired the songs title! Despite the controversy, Fena is talented and her voice is dope.

This jam is all about love and encouragement to ones lover. It will  get you dancing to the rhythm even if you have two left feet.


The quality of the video is a bit low. I don’t know if the intention was to bring it out dark, anyway I like the creativity. The audio quality is great. I just love the person who did this.

The song was Fena’s own composition. Kaenda was work done by a group of people who depicted team work. Also, we cannot forget the director,  Mike Lolly P.  In addition, Kaende was produced by  Kanyeria.

Lyrical Composition by Fena Gitu

Even am not her big fan, I would say that Fena is super talented. She has brought out the emotions that we need to feel in Kaende.  The way she links the line, Gosh! it is just amazing. There is line you can’t miss; One in a million, a billion hakuna mwingine ananijazia moyo We ni pilipili ile kali naila unaniwasha ndani ya roho. She is definately talking about love.

Actually, when she talked of one have two left feet I had to try dancing to confirm. Kaende tells a story of endless, consuming love on the dance floor.

Also, expression of intimacy between them through dance is well captured. “When we are together, we just don’t want the night to end!”

Fena is just about to take over the music industry. Lets play Kenya’s finest. The song gets a rating of 7/10.

Click on the link below to watch the video.




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