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Fight scene in Bungoma after woman sells family’s only cow to attend Churchill Show 

September 02, 2019 at 08:06
Fight scene in Bungoma after woman sells family's only cow to attend Churchill Show 

What will you do so that you don’t miss Churchill when he visits your county?

Well, a woman in Bungoma suprised many and led to exchange of blows between her husband and several men after she secretly sold their only cow to attend the show.


Esther Nanjala made her husband Gabriel Wenani fight three men who had come to their homestead to collect the animal which was their only source of income after secretly selling the animal and buying the tickets.

“I was shocked to be woken by these three men claiming they have come to pick their cow,” the father of three said. 

According to neighbors, Nanjala bought the cow after receiving money from a women’s group two years ago.

“The wife has been telling us for awhile now that she owned the cow which she bought with chama money,” said the neighbor. 




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