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Finally! Huddah Monroe 2 months pregnant? She responds

February 08, 2021 at 13:56
Finally! Huddah Monroe 2 months pregnant? She responds

Huddah was once known for her skills on these streets of Nairobi; and by this I mean her many businesses including the lipstick gig that have seen her make good money over the years.

She was once known to be paid for her club/event appearances; and in time word on the streets was that her career turned to that – of woman selling her privates. For the lack of a proper word – a prostitute.

Huddah however distanced herself from this and till date she still insists that she has never been a prostitute. Responding to a QnA post directed to a fan recently; Huddah made it known that she is not and has never been a sex worker.

That’s what sad, jealous frustrated people  say when they see young successful woman doing her thing. They hate on what they don’t understand. On the contrary what I do with my vagina is none of anyone’s business…Think whatever you want.


Huddah pregnant?

Away from that, word has it that Huddah could be pregnant with her first child. Having travelled to Dubai about a year ago; many believe that she is dating a tycoon who is responsible for her unborn baby.

Addressing a fan who asked whether she is pregnant; Huddah responded by saying;

Huddah responds




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