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Former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe launches own radio station

November 17, 2020 at 16:52
Former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe launches own radio station

If you want it bad enough, you will get it done. Former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe has decided to do a one-man show after getting to work to launch his new radio station.

The popular radio personality early in the week shared photos of construction materials lying in a room with fundis at work in what seemed like a major setup.

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A work in progress

Kibe went ahead to disclose his radio station dubbed Rogue Radio will be coming up in a few days, captioning;

“RogueRadio coming up well…it doesn’t look like much now but in a few days nita wa update.”

Andrew Kibe launching own radio station?

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Same day, he put up a poster in need of a graphic designer for their brand logo, announcing;

“Rogue Radio is going live in a minute. But first things first: We need a shit-hot logo. It’s a design-off, y’all! PS – Of course I’m going to pay for the best design.

Well, so far, so good. Because barely 4 days later, the kid had something to show for his upcoming project and he clearly is not here to fool around.

Andrew Kibe launching own radio station?

The set-up almost done, complete with room demarcations, lighting, necessary wall padding of the room to make it soundproof and a seat on standby.

Small small we are getting there. RogueRadio should be ready to roll in a couple of days,” he assured.

Andrew Kibe’s upcoming radio station nearing completion

Fans could not hide their excitement following the announcement, admitting that Kibe’s presence in the Kenyan radio space has greatly been missed and it is time he got back to the airwaves.

Andrew Kibe hang his mic at Kiss FM in late June 2020 in unclear circumstances, leaving room for comedian and MC Jalang’o to take his spot alongside Kamene Goro.

Kibe then got involved in his podcast that hosted a couple of personalities before deciding to go big with the launch of his own radio station, Rogue Radio’.




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