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Fresh twists and turns in Wendy Waeni´s exploitation case

August 14, 2019 at 10:40
Fresh twists and turns in Wendy Waeni´s exploitation case

Wendy Waeni´s case has taken a different twist after ex-manager, Joe Mwangi´s recent exposes.

Joe Mwangi has been put on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons among them being exploiting the young acrobat´s talent.

Wendy publicly exposed Joe on live TV. A scandal that has since then gone viral.

However, Joe also has his name to defend and to prove it, he speaks up about money offers that Wendy´s mum was given to get them a better life.

Well, Wendy´s mum, Magdaline Syombua has confessed that this is true.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, the mother revealed that Joe handed her amounts of Ksh 20,000.

Walikuwa wanatembelea watu wakubwa wakubwa wanapata kile wanapata pale na mimi ananipatia kitu kidogo. Ananipatia kidogo kama elfu ishirini.

However, according to Ms Syombua, Joe kept the lion´s share and every time she tried asking about it, he would turn hostile.

Surprisingly, Wendy´s mum said that she is not aware of what the daughter has been lamenting about on national TV.


On Monday, Joe Mwangi stated that he confiscated Waeni´s phone because the internet was corrupting her morals.

Sunday evening, up and close on Ebru TV, the ex-manager narrated how he had been monitoring Wendy´s internet usage before confiscating it thereafter.

All this story does not have to do with money. In April I was with Wendy in Mombasa and you cannot imagine what she had been doing with her phone. That’s why I took it.

He however failed to disclose details of what exactly she was exposing herself to, chuckling:

Wacha nisiseme (let me not reveal) but imagine what can make me confiscate a child’s phone?

He further shares that soon after confiscating the young girl´s phone, he called upon her mom to explain why he did so.

I showed Wendy’s mum what her child was browsing but the mother insisted I give her back the phone. She would monitor her herself. I refused and this is what triggered Wendy to go lament on JKL.


However, his recent revelations have angered the public who have blasted him for damaging the teenager´s reputation.

This is soon after releasing screenshots alleging that she was using her phone for pornographic material, additionally engaging in immoral stuff.

Further showing a conversation between Wendy and her alleged lover where she asks him if he can come over and give her something small.

All that Joe is asking of the masses is:

Unfortunately, Kenyans are outraged by his acts additionally calling for his arrest.

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  1. Fresh twists and turns in Wendy Waeni´s exploitation case – VIP Celebrities : August 14, 2019 at 2:39 pm


  2. The truth’s incontrovertible. Malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is.
    No one has a right or freedom to expose one’s conversation without their knowledge being recorded or consent to the release of the contents. Being a manager you ought to know better. If you can’t cope with your client’s code of conduct simply take a walk. If at all the mother’s alcoholic and manipulative as I’d suspect, do what’s right for Wendy and stop being a propagandist abehest a minor. Nobody should be fed of spills from an underage’s alledged addition
    Do the right thing
    Joe Mwangi

  3. For posting all those crap about a child(minor) and adult stuff, #ARRESTJOEMWANGI# this is insane man. Internet does not forget, you are almost ruining this girl’s life for good… what is DCI , DPP saying? someone is sleeping on their job.

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