Game of Thrones´ fans out to explain DJ Pierra Makena´s ´Satanic-themed´ cake

April 15, 2019 at 15:38
Game of Thrones´ fans out to explain DJ Pierra Makena´s ´Satanic-themed´ cake

Over the weekend, celebrated female DJ, Pierra Makena shared photos and videos on how her birthday went down, but what about her ´GOT themed´ cake?

The talented Kenyan entertainer just clocked 38 and many showed her love, through numerous ´Congratulations´ messages.

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However, the theme of her birthday cake went wrong with many questioning the intent behind the whole decor.

Some even call it, ´Demonic´, others ´Satanic´, others even ´a coffin´.

The American fantasy drama television series, Game of Thrones has its season finale´s debut, highly awaited.

Probably, her intention was to revise the public´s anticipation for the series debut.


Mixed reactions

Fans not conversant with the layout, questioned her motive and thoughts about the birthday cake:

You used to be my mentor,.. But with the cake it tells a lot…..i pity myself for being fooled.


Oooh Lord deliver my child from evil blood


It looks demonic…. It´s actually a coffin plus msalaba


For God´s sake where did you get the inspiration from


Wait…skeletons, dragon😳 I´m lost🤔🤔


Hata kama huu si ungwana ….I see demons.


😮😮why such a cake with dead people


Hbd my favorite DJ,,,watu mnaongelea 🐉 tu kwani hamwoni the whole thing inakaa kaburi


Don´t give the devil a legal ground in your life I feel for you hata kama ni game of thrones.

Probably for those well acquainted with the American series, GOT, these were their views:

Game of thrones.

Very creative I love it.


Happy Birthday Pierra, from the comments you can tell those who haven´t watched GOT.


That´s like the best cake ever!!!!!

Someone should share it with @gameofthrones @gotinsider


All I wanna know is who pulled of this GOT cake it´s dope AF.


Time to sit on the iron throne and rule over the seven kingdoms💙💙

Happy 38th birthday to the beauty and to the GOT fans, mjibambe!



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