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Governor Hassan Joho finally addresses Natalie Tewa ‘Katerina’ scandal (Video)

August 24, 2020 at 10:20
Governor Hassan Joho finally addresses Natalie Tewa 'Katerina' scandal (Video)

‘Katerina’ is a word that saw Kenyans put together Governor Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa in one box, speculations rife the two were an item and Joho finally gives his side of the story.

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July 20, in a coincidental event, Joho was spotted jamming to the Katerina tune and a quick glance into Natalie’s Instagram timeline, showed a beautiful photo of her in a yellow dress with the caption ‘Baby Katerina’ to it.

Curvy Natalie Tewa takes an outdoor pose

This did not take long before netizens noted something conspicuously similar between the two and quickly concluded that these two were an item behind the scenes. It did not take long before their affair started going public with the pair reportedly spoiling each other to some luxuries.

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A story that never gave the Mombasa Governor any peace, making headlines day in, day out over a purported curvy side chic he had bagged himself. Rumors that the stylish politician sought to put to rest once and for all during his recent interview with Churchill.

Governor Hassan Joho and Daniel Ndambuki have a chit-chat in County 001

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Joho comes clean

Definitely expecting that that question would pop up during his sit-down with the comedian and content creator, Joho did not seem so surprised, rather disappointed that spending some alone time to unwind could bring him such trouble.

“Hiyo kitu imeniletea shida, wacha tu,” he remarked.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho spending time unwinding

According to the Coastal native, he was just minding his own business and living his life, jamming to the song that speaks to his heart before it suddenly blew up on his face.

“Nilikuwa naimba tu, kwa raha zangu. I wanna look at you baby kidogo…baas!” Joho exclaimed.

Rumored lovers, Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa

The Governor questioned why society was so quick to judge and condemn a public figure like him, who is human first and still has a life when he is not at work. So why couldn’t he jam to his favorite song and people take it as something normal?

The thing is, even if you are a leader, you have a life. What is wrong if I spend 2 minutes to enjoy music? Because I am still human, and I am allowed to enjoy and live life. So I don’t work 24/7. First, I do what I need to do then I also have to find time for myself.




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