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Guardian Angel on ‘Jina la Yesu’ features Jessica Honore

September 16, 2019 at 17:55
Guardian Angel brings you 'Jina la Yesu' featuring Jessica Honore

Guardian Angel is back with Jina la Yesu featuring Jessica Honore. It is right to say Kenya meets Tanzania. The gospel artist is doing so well and it is a good thing that he has now done a collaboration outside Kenya. Guardian Angel is known for his good work in the gospel industry. Also, he is free of scandals and it serves him right.

Jessica Honore is a gospel artist from Tanzania. Jessica Honore BM is a vocalist from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She is the winner of the country’s gospel star search. The Napokea hit maker has been doing so well in the gospel industry. The collaboration with Kenyan music doctor Guardian Angel is a big deal seeing that he is also a star and an award winner.

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Guardian Angel brings you 'Jina la Yesu' featuring Jessica Honore

The duo have delivered Jina la Yesu is a very captivating style. You all know that Guardian Angel never disappoints in the ministry.

Message in Jina la Yesu and relevance

Jina La Yesu is a song that talks about how the name of Jesus fixes things. The duo goes ahead to quote some words in the Bible and the promises.

Also they say that the name of Jesus has the strength to break satanic chains. Also they talk about Jesus being Lord. This true gospel that most artists do not share and instead are running to secular music where they feel there is money.

Guardian Angel brings you 'Jina la Yesu' featuring Jessica Honore

With his work, Guardian Angel gives hopes to many. He is already a household home. Jina La Yesu is barely days old and it has received a lot of love. Jessica Honore compliments his voice giving the song that great feeling.

To add on Jina La Yesu is a song delivered with a lot of emotions. It is a song that will lead you into worship. It is well written and the target audience is not limited.

In conclusion, Guardian Angel and Jessica Honore get a rating of 7/10 in Jina la Yesu.

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