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“Hakuna maumivu on this side,” Seth Gor’s ex claps back at comedian for sharing his side of the story after nasty breakup

September 14, 2020 at 13:35
"Hakuna maumivu on this side," Seth Gor's ex claps back at comedian for sharing his side of the story after nasty breakup

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Funny man Seth Gor was indeed bold to share his side of the story months after his break up with ex, Shiko Phyna. According to reports the two had a nasty break up that involved violence; and luckily, the two did not stick around each other for long.

Their break up however become public all thanks to Shiko Phyna; who went on to disclose details of her breakup with Seth to blogger Edgar Obare. As usual many feminists came out to bash Seth Gor – not knowing that a coin has two sides.

Comedian Seth Gor

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However comedian Seth Gor this past weekend went on to share unknown details surrounding his break up with Shiko. According to Seth, many misjudged him while along he was the victim. Apparently Ms Shiko had been quite violent towards him; and the fact that she was a cop made it easier for her to walk out with no blame.

Of course the story has ignited mixed feelings about the whole drama and while many support Mr Gor; others can’t help but question how a petite lady managed to clobber Seth who appears to have a well built body!

Shiko speaks

Shiko Phyna claps back

Anyway as seen on her Twitter page, Shiko has not only denied Seth’s side of the story; but the female police officer says all that happened in the past.

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According to the lass they both had issues and mistake to learn from however they are the only ones who know how the break up went down. Responding to a fan who felt the online drama was unnecessary; Miss Phyna went on to say:

Shiko claps back

Hakuna maumivu on this side.Its been 8 months so I’ve healed Physically ,Mentally and Emotionally .But he felt the need to come here and paint me out to be the bad.S o sikuwa na budi Hugging face

Well, online break ups tend to be tiring at times; but in this case, it’s quite hard to figure out who is telling the truth between Seth and Shiko.

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