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Hamisa Mobetto hints she is back with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz

February 12, 2018 at 17:15
Hamisa Mobetto hints she is back with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz

Hamisa Mobetto has been sharing new videos on social media playing Wasafi records music in the back ground.

This has left fans asking whether she has found her way back to Diamond Platnumz heart. Well, this could be true since she was also spotted in the company of Lukamba (Zari and Diamond Platnumz photographer).

Apparently he was behind Hamisa’s latest video where she is showing off her shoes and figure and in the background you can hear Diamond Platnumz song playing.

Is she back to rescue him?

Well, this comes shortly after Diamond Platnumz clashed with Clouds Media house which has been spilling a number secrets that they have against the singer.

Mama Dee ?

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Having Hamisa back in the picture clearly creates a destruction which draws fans away from Diamond Platnumz scandal.

Anyway, we are however watching to see how things turn out for the two.





  1. Hamixa tht good xty kool

  2. sawa kma zari kamuacha mondi hana budi kukubali kumuoa hamissa

  3. Nalianya Vinaywa : February 12, 2018 at 11:38 pm


  4. Ebby Ayieta Shiroya : February 13, 2018 at 12:21 am

    Beautiful baby play your cards well..Gud luck

  5. Is this a human being or a doll? Ama ni kisamantha?

  6. she is not telling the truth she is just stranded all she want is attention the fact is she is a loser live diamond alone with his family he paid u for what u did for him.

  7. U confuse me ppl.! Why cnt Diamond decide who hez wth???? Ths bullshit.!

  8. Itx normal

  9. Hamissa is an attention seeker. She loves fame and controversies..

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