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Harusi ni lini? Eric Omondi talks wedding plans

April 01, 2020 at 12:00
Harusi ni lini? Eric Omondi talks wedding plans

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Eric Omondi is no longer young, especially not in his age and what worries many is whether he plans to age gracefully by someone’s side.

He affords the name ‘father’ having borne a son with media personality, Jacque Maribe but they are not married. All the pair does is share parenting responsibilities in the life of their son.

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Moving away from Jacque, the gifted comedian also introduced Italian damsel, Chantal Grazioli to the world, in what seemed like a ‘happily ever after’.

Eric Omondi with Chantal Grazioli

Only for the lights to go off and before we knew it, Chantal was back to Italy while Eric was left behind in Kenya.

It was over and nobody nor anything was going to change that.

But unlike most celebrity relationships, the pair are currently best of friends and to top it up, Chantal and Jacque Maribe have knitted their friendship the more.

Jacque Maribe (left), Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli (right)


This only fueled the confusion further, leaving Kenyans unsure where Eric Omondi’s heart lies and who he desires to settle with in life.

His very own mentor, Daniel Ndambuki could also not fathom what was going on in the comedian’s life.

Mwalimu Churchill

During the most recent Churchill Show special edition dubbed ‘Eric Omondi’s journey’, Mwalimu Churchill asked Eric:

By the way, watu wanauliza harusi ni lini, so many people are asking.

Eric wittingly dogged the question, instead stating that if at all he were to hold a wedding, all Kenyans would have to attend it.

Harusi inakuanga Saturday. Most of them zinakuanga Saturday ukienda hapo Karen kuna harusi nyingi sana. Harusi yangu ni harusi ya Wakenya.

Comedian, Eric Omondi

However, this would necessitate a fundraising to cater for every head during his mass wedding.

Meanwhile, he confirmed that Miss Chanty is doing well.

Sasa hapa chini mnaeza eka ile kitu ya mtu kutuma pesa tuchange hii kitu ikue ni marriage yetu si wote. Chantelle ako poa.

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