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Heartbroken Andrew Kibe opens up on painful battles with side chicks

July 20, 2020 at 16:06
Heartbroken Andrew Kibe opens up on painful battles with side chicks

Since he left Kiss FM, Andrew Kibe has only been serving us more juice about his personal life, opening up on vital events no one was privy to before.

The blunt radio personality recently opened up about his dark moments, how every chiq he dates, keeps taking off with his goods, leaving him depressed.

During his recent meetup with his boys, Kibe shared his story only for everyone else in his circle to admit to the same, leaving him in shock!

I talked about how this auctioneers f**ked me in the a$$ and everybody in the room, had a story or two about themselves and I was surprised. The whole time I have been keeping to myself because I thought I was special. That I was the only one.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro


I didn’t know it happens and that auctioneers are many. Business is real out here! This means there is something wrong with this system, we can’t all be suffering the same fate! It’s impossible!

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Andrew Kibe

Up through his Everyone has dark moments episode, pretty pained, the kid explained he never opened up on this because he was still battling some of the heartbreaks he had been served by damsels up until now.

Nobody is immune to this sh*t. I’ve never talked about my auctioneers’ stories because some of those stories I’m still dealing with them until now. Ni story hunikasirisha! Every time I think about what auctioneers have done to me, I feel horrible!

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Former KISS 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe

Further divulging how he would sacrifice for these side chqs at the expense of his family only for this to happen to him.

I have made some stupid, stupid sacrifices and I’m in most of this sh*t because of them. But you’ll never tell the woman you’re with, saying “you’re handling your business as a man.”

Declaring it is time men stop sparing themselves for things that were never going to pass, instead, get on it and move because time waits for no man!





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