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Here’s why Avril has not released new projects in months

September 04, 2018 at 07:40
Here's why Avril has not released new projects in months

Song bird Avril Nyambura is among the celebrated female artists in East Africa; but she has not been releasing new music like before.

Well, definitely this is something her die hard fans had to notice. Having worked on successful projects before, most fans expect the lady to drop one song after another; However just recently Avril responded as to why she has been missing in the music industry.

She talked about this while responding to a comment left by a fan who needed to hear new music from her.

Why Avril has been missing in action

Having welcomed a baby a few months ago, it’s quite obvious that she had to disappear for a while. According to Avri she needed some time off but she will be returning soon.






  1. Motherhood needs full attention

  2. Nilikua nimemsahau kabisa

  3. Tunangoja basi angusha hit soonest

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