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“Hiyo ni pesa yetu ya nyonga fest?” Fans question Club Covid’s owner Xtian Dela after gifting himself a brand new sleek ride! (Photo)

June 02, 2020 at 16:20
"Hiyo ni pesa yetu ya nyonga fest?" Fans question Club Covid's owner Xtian Dela after gifting himself a brand new sleek ride! (Photo)

If Club Covid was a real club then I am sure Xtian Dela would be swimming in millions; but even with the online club, the young man has managed to make some good money directed to his COVID club girls!

So far Xtian has managed to help a few ladies who have won huge amounts of cash through his show; however after his latest photo shared on his back up account (more) some fans feel that he may have pocketed some of the cash made at the club.

Well, he went on to flaunt a Toyota 86 estimated to cost around Ksh 2.3 million. Spending such an amount of money on a car with this pandemic proves that the fella has enough stored in his account.


COVID club funds?

Seeing the fella gifted himself a new ride, a few fans here on Instagram couldn’t help but ask whether he used the money made from the club COVID to buy the car.

Of course this was bound to happen – since rumor has it that the young man made a few bucks from fans; and sponsors who couldn’t wait to feast their eyes on the young girls twerking at the IG club.

Club COVID fans


Club COVID comments


Fake lifestyle?

However a few fans also happened to point out that the photo shared by Xtiandela had Australian plates; meaning the photo shared by the blogger was a download.

Could he be faking life for the gram or is he sharing his future goals with fans; especially now that all eyes are on him!

At least for now club Covid members can rest since the post was just a download. However with all the money made from the online gig, we are not surprised to see his fans reacting in this manner!





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