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‘Inama, na upinde mgongo” says Diamond Platinumz as he features Fally Ipupa in New jam

May 06, 2019 at 17:50
'Inama" by Diamond Platinumz ft Fally Ipupa

Diamond Platinumz is artist on his on level when it comes to music.

I mean, its barely two weeks since he dropped a new single jam titled ‘The One’ amid controversy of stealing the jam from Namibian Musician King TeeDee. The song so  far has over 4.7million Views.

This is to show you how much of worker Diamond is when it comes to making good music for his fans.

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Recently, Diamond Platinumz  dropped  his latest jam ‘Inama” that he  features Congolese super star Fally Ipupa.

It is obvious that the song will have a big impact to the audience with evidence of the audio gathering over 1million views in just 3days, not weeks but days!!!!

Lyrical Maestro

The lines in the song are beautifully done and can easily be understood.

He starts of describing the good and bad of being in love .

“Kukudekeza kama mtoto  Furaha unafurahia, Alafu geuka moto, Machozi unalia Mwembamba mwenene Uwe na pesa kama Dangote(Dangote)

Penzi halijali umasikini Laweza penda mtu yoyote ,Penzi sio somo  Ukasome kwa kitabu ,”

In his first Stanza Diamond seems to be pouring out what is happening around him right now. Details? Remember, the drama about Zari with ‘King Bae”?All about the kids going Tanzania from South Africa?

“Penzi limefanya ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  Limeleta kwa wanangu vita Siku hizi siwaoni Naishia kuwalike Insta’

Basically all the drama that has been happening in the past few days or so. In case you missed just check it out on our  site.

However some would think Diamond is playing victim in the issue of  co-parenting with Zari. Anyway that is beside the issue.


Further, a line in the song that Baba Tee mentions the love life of Harmonize has stirred emotions and  it seems the Wasafi signed artist did not like the sentiments at all.

“Penzi limefanya ,Harmonize Afukuzishe mwarabu Penzi oyoyo,,,,,,,,,,”

Also read:Harmonize slams Diamond Platnumz after revealing his Italian fiancé had an affair with body guard ‘Mwarabu

We hope it doesn’t cause a fall out.

But again is a stunt?Because considering the artist of Wasafi are most of the time together.

How did Harmonize miss this line before release? It beats logic!

The  Bridge and Chorus too are  nicely done,

“Kama songi limekolea
Asa inama
Ebu pinda mgongo(ooh ngo ngo ngo)
Oya inama(inama beiby)

Basi pinda mgongo(ngo ngo ngo ngo ngo)
Asa inama(inama beiby)
Ebu pinda mgongo Kama tungi limepoza
Oya inama basi pinda mgongo”

Fally Ipupa brings out the Congolese vibe in the song, even as some us struggle to understand his lines it is evident that the musician has a following in East Africa.


The song was  by Wasafi’s own sound master, Lizer classic. As we wait for the video we will be keen to see the dance, pomp and color in this song.

Fans are hoping the hype it got for the audio is the same energy that will be put in the video production. But again trust Wasafi records for top notch production.

For the sake of rating I it a 7/10 as we wait for the video.Below is the audio listen tell us what you think.

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  1. Nice jam… Waiting for the video

  2. Huyu Simba kweli

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