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“It was the longest two minutes of my life”- Njugush explains meeting crazy fan

September 07, 2018 at 09:12
"It was the longest two minutes of my life"- Njugush explains meeting crazy fan

Comedian Njugush has narrated how he met one fan who was unlike any other. According to the comedian, the crazy fan  was too excited when she saw him and even jumped on him which made them fall because she too big.

“Alinihug tukaanguka tao. Mama alikuwa mkubwa. Nilifikiria tu alikuwa ananihug so alikuja kama anakimbia. Whooo! I thought it was just a hug akaruka! Hee! Tuligonja chini. Pale Reinsurance Plaza. Ilikuwa awkward, lakini tufanye nini na tumeanguka? Kuamka hapo it was the longest two minutes of my life,” the comedian said in an interview with Pulse Live.


The comedian went on to add that he feels always blessed when fans give him such reception and shows that he’s working really hard and doing a nice job.

“It’s a blessing having those people because there are people in the industry na hawasumbuliwi na wanataka kusumbuliwa. It’s a blessing siichukuliangi vibaya. All you need to know is that the moment you get in front of the camera you sign off your private life,” he said.





  1. Fans can be overwhelming at times, its crazy being a celebrity

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