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Jaguar employs Chipukeezy as his right-hand man

January 04, 2018 at 12:23
Jaguar employs Chipukeezy as his right-hand man

Chipukeezy follows Jaguar like a honey badger follows honey. The comedian is never far away from where the Starehe MP is.

Jaguar has employed Chipukeezy as his right-hand man even though he hasn’t publicly announced. Chipukeezy has been following Jaguar everywhere he goes raising questions about his role in the MP’s inner circle.

The Starehe MP even tags along Chipukeezy when he travels for holiday. The comedian was recently seen enjoying quality time with the Starehe MP and his children at the Coast.


Chipukeezy was also seen idling backstage as Jaguar performed at Club Lambada Mombasa on December 31st. The MP’s show in Mombasa sparked uproar over ticket price.

The photos below show how Chipukeezy is always shadowing Jaguar:







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