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Jimmy Gait thanks those who supported him, says he’s now doing fine 

September 06, 2019 at 09:52
Jimmy Gait thanks those who supported him, says he's now doing fine 

Singer Jimmy Gait has come out to thank those who supported him during the difficult time he was experiencing in his life.

The musician had flown to India barely a month ago when he surprised his fans by telling them he was battling a disease and was afraid it might have been cancer.


After tests and diagnoses from the doctors however, the gospel star was found to be suffering only from hyperacidity contrary to the rumours that were going around that he had throat cancer.

Jimmy took to social media channels to thank all those who supported him during this time and was greatfull.

“To everyone who has put a smile on my face during this time, may God send you angels to do the same for you. I’m free from pain and in a few days I will be back home! I cant wait to see you my people!” he posted. 




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