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Jimmy Gait wraps music up with ‘Makuu’

October 15, 2019 at 11:54
Jimmy Gait wraps music up with 'Makuu'

Jimmy Gait is back with his last release song Makuu. The singer has wrapped up his music career with these song. Also, Jimmy Gait has been in the industry for a while and within that time he was able to do what he could.

Makuu is a gospel song in which he is praising God for doing greater things. He has the song filled with a lot of emotions. Although it is his last jam, Jimmy Gait has his vocals right.

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To add on, Jimmy Gait is quitting his long time career after he was recently discovered to have a problem and the re-known singer did not want to leave his fans like that.

Jimmy Gait wraps music up with 'Makuu'

Message and relevance of Jimmy Gait’s Makuu

To start with, we need to understand what Makuu means. Jimmy Gait is talking about God’s doing and says that they are mighty.

Wewe Mungu ni mkuu sana Unatenda makuu Wewe Mungu ni mkuu sana Unatenda makuu. Here in this chorus he is just showering praises to his maker.

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Twakuinua, twakusujudu Mungu Wewe unastahili sifa zote Nguvu zako, zabadilisha maisha Kuja sasa badilisha. Here he is saying that he is praising God as He deserves all the praise for his mighty strength.

Piga makofi, piga makofi Piga makofi yooh Piga makofi, piga makofi Piga makofi yooh. In this stanza, Jimmy Gait is calling on people to clap for the Lord.

Jimmy Gait wraps music up with 'Makuu'
In addition to the lyrics, you notice that Jimmy Gait in Makuu has a repetitive style in all the verses. This has helped in delivering the message or rather the title of the song.

Also, the song is relevant to all the age groups as it is a gospel song that is easy to understand. Further, the production of the song is just amazing, the audio is well done. To add on, the video team did a good job as it depicts all creativity.

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Makuu though his last song feels like he is starting. Jimmy Gait has not had easy as Kenyans always making jokes of how he releases songs on what is trending.

In conclusion, Makuu gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.





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