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Just like Jalongo, Robert Burale trashes Kenyan gospel artists: No content, please regroup

June 18, 2018 at 10:21
Just like Jalongo, Robert Burale trashes Kenyan gospel artists: No content, please regroup

A lot of people have been complaining about gospel songs in Kenya. Groove Awards this year is facing a tough challenge on who should represent them after a bunch of watered-down releases from different artists.

Jalang’o mercilessly attacked the artists for having useless content in their songs instead of putting uplifting messages. His attack was not taken kindly and even singer size 8 has come out to defend the artists.

Please change or stop

Pastor Robert Burale is also siding with Jalong’o. He has come out to attack artists who are doing gospel for the money and fame instead of to spread the word.

Here’s what he said on social media:

TODAY allow me to talk to the Kenyan Artists both Gospel and Secular …You have complained for too long that the public support international acts at your expense ..well sit down and let’s talk

1: Try and put some more effort In shooting your videos ..Avoid cheap graphics that look like a kindergarten “video thesis”..People appreciate where effort is EVIDENT…(Ofcourse not all Artists fall here ..Some are very very good and we know them )

2: LYRICS …you don’t have to use words like “pupu” in your songs to sell…You can do love songs without necessarily using deamining words like ” mahaga zimeiva kama ndondo” .. And you wonder why majority prefer love songs by Tanzanian,Nigerian artists and few Kenyan acts like Sauti Sol …

3:Gospel Artists/Ministers….If your song excites the flesh more than the spirit …please regroup..

4:We don’t need to hear your name 75 times before we hear the name of Jesus …Bible says IF I BE LIFTED UP …

5..Lastly to the so called VIDEO VIXENS ..did someone tell you that to qualify to appear in a music video you must be almost NAKED…if you want to be NAKED go the the SAUNA

Wacha nikapige Raundi…..Au sio..






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