King Kaka speaks: Avril, Arrow Bwoy and other artists exited Kaka Empire label

March 22, 2019 at 11:54
King Kaka speaks: Avril, Arrow Bwoy and other artists exited Kaka Empire label

Kaka Empire record label has recently seen part of its creation walk away: Avril, Arrow Bwoy and some speculations of Timmy T Dat.

Popular Kenyan singer and songwriter, Timmy T Dat

Uhmn…Timmy bado tunafanya management yake.

Arrow Bwoy na Avril wameondoka.


During an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, King Kaka explained reasons why:

Unajua pia kuna mkataba, kuna contract.

Na contract iko na timeline.

So, ikifika time flani, tunarelease artist.

Saa zingine artist, pia ni vizuri a-grow kivyake, ama labda a-move to a new management.

So huwa tuna-encourage msanii akipata kwingine, ambapo anahisi ita-m-benefit, zaidi, asikose kuongea.

Kenyan singer-songwriter, actress and entertainer, Avril.

Rap artist, King Kaka highlighted what role Kaka Empire record label had, when it came to management of artistes:

Because, kazi ya Kaka Empire, hatujakuja ku-own watu, we´re here just to help.

Help you in your journey.

Kama tunaweza kuchukua kutoka level hii, tukufikishe level hii, sawa.

Ukipata namna ya kuenda level mpya, yaani sisi ni furaha yetu.

The rap king actually revealed that contrary to probably feeling low, he is actually gladdened to see artists grow through his label, to greater heights:

Mimi ile siku nitaona msanii ambaye ashapita kwa mkono yangu, ambaye amekuwa big artist, mimi huwa nafurahi sana, nafurahi sana.

So, that´s the motive ya Kaka Empire, we are not here to own people.

Tunakuchukua kwa muda fulani, we give you what we can, then we elevate you to a new level.

Then ile level utafika, upate mwingine wa kukufikisha, aah, furaha yetu sana.

Dancehall artist, Ali Yusuf, better known as, Arrow Bwoy

He showed appreciation to all he has worked with and are still working with and wishes them all, a successful journey, up in their career choices.

So, we are very happy for our artists ambao tushawork na wao and we´re wishing them all the best!

Just being in their career for a certain period of time, yeah, it was a learning process for us.

Na bado tunaendelea ku-learn.



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