Kamene Goro tells Betty Kyalo she’ll never get married after South African man dumped her on wedding day via WhatsApp

April 15, 2019 at 08:59
Kamene Goro tells Betty Kyalo she'll never get married after South African man dumped her on wedding day via WhatsApp

NRG Radio presenter Kamene Goro has revealed that she’s not interested in settling down anytime soon, or forever, since she has never been the same after her man dumped.

The former TV host was dating a rich South African man who dumped her just hours to the wedding. He did it via WhatsApp a thing that left Goro’s heart shattered.

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Speaking to Betty on K24, the radio presenter confessed that since that day, she swore never to settle down and has never been interested in marriage.

“You know the way you have your goals and KPIs (Key performance Indicators), marriage is not one of my KPIs and goals. If it happens great, although it’s not something I can say I am actively working towards” she told Betty Kyallo. 

Just Kamene, Kyalo was also dumped just a few months after her publicized wedding with Dennis Okari. Kyalo has also shared several times she’s not going to get married anytime soon.





  1. This is only one of the few women who actually are willing to share their story to encourage others, sometimes we women go through so much but we actually hide our bitter or sad side. I am happy that both Betty kyalo and kamene are able to actually share their story it’s a brave thing to actually do proud of them Both.

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