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KEBS launches investigations into recent Always sanitary towels negative claims

March 15, 2019 at 07:53
KEBS launches investigations into recent Always sanitary towels negative claims

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has launched investigations into Always sanitary towels claims.

Majority of consumers in Kenya aired claims that the product causes burns, rashes and irritation.

(KEBS) Kenya Bureau of Standards´ press statement


¨Following the concerns expressed on social media, KEBS has launched investigations.¨ their press statement read.

KEBS decided upon this after Kenyans complained concerning the harmful effects they encounter from using these towels.

Always Kenya is the company behind the distribution of Always sanitary towels.

A variety of Always products

According to KEBS, 135 samples have been drawn from the market for testing and 90% of these pads have complied with the set standards.

#MyAlwaysExperience has been one trending hashtag on Twitter that has prompted a press statement from KEBS Kenya.

¨Investigations include extensive market surveillance and testing of these product.¨

¨This is to ascertain if there exists any breach of quality standards,¨ the press statement read.

The defense

However, like any other company, institution or organization would do, Always Kenya came in to defend their product.

¨All our products go through very rigorous tests,¨ Always Kenya tweeted.

¨They are also tested with real women to ensure that they are safe for use,” stated on Twitter.

This was alongside another of their tweet;

¨The needs of our women and girls in Kenya are our number 1 priority,¨ Always Kenya publicly informs.

However, ¨We introduced our new product Always Soft which has a softer and more comfortable feel on skin.¨

The news Always Soft

I would not at all wish to interfere with ongoing investigations.

Unfortunately, it seems to me that this company is still aware Kenyans are unimpressed with their product.

All in all, KEBS reaffirms Kenyans that should there be sub standards, it would be open to withdrawing Always products from the market.

The bureau stated, ¨the outcomes of analysis will determine the next cause of action.¨

Bone of contention

Kenyans have since February, early this year, complained about the quality of towels that Proctor and Gamble (P&G) manufactures.

The manufacturers, Proctor and Gamble (P&G) were under duress to respond through a newly created Twitter page.

¨The Always Ultra pads we have in Kenya are similar to the Always pads in other parts of the world.¨

¨All or pads including the ones in Kenya are designed and developed in Europe and the US,¨ the tweet reads.

This was after Kenyans thronged social media stating these Kenyan products are not of similar quality to those in Western countries.

Funny enough, sentiments from majority of Kenyans inform that they noticed plastic elements present in the towels.

According to consumers, some even leak after a short period.

Furthermore, others claim the company lies about producing cotton sanitary towels.

Quite contradictory to what the Always Kenya Company seems to be backing up as its story.

The heated debate goes on…





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