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Kenya’s ‘patient 1’ to compete for Miss Tourism in Malaysia 

January 11, 2021 at 19:57
Kenya's 'patient 1' to compete for Miss Tourism in Malaysia 

Remember Ivy Brenda the young lady who flew in from Texas only to find out that she had been infected with Covid 19?

I bet we all do since she got all the airtime needed from media houses; government and of course common mwanainchi as we all sort to find out how she was handling the Covid – 19 virus.

Well, she did great and despite her choosing a life off social media despite the overnight fame; Miss Ivy Brenda is back and this time around she wants nothing but votes from Kenyans. This is because Ivy has managed to scoop a spot in an upcoming modelling gig that will go down in Malaysia.

Ivy Brenda

According a post shared on her social media pages; Miss Ivy will be competing against 30 other miss tourism contents who are looking to walk away with the title of Miss Glamorous Carlo Rino beauty pageant.

Vote for me

Through her private IG Page, Miss Ivy went on to request her few followers to vote for her; as she hopes to bring back the award back home. Ivy wrote;

Brenda for Miss Tourism

 “Meet your new Miss Tourism delegate to Malaysia. Join me as I battle it out with Miss Tourism contestants from all over the world for the Final Crown. Help me bring the crown home so the world can discover Kenya’s magical story and the untold wealth of destinations. You can win 10,000/= by voting for me. Just FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW and comment “I VOTE KENYA ” under their Facebook post. Let’s run this !…”

Well…lets see if we can help our girl bring back the award back home.






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