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Kirigo Ng’arua: My layoff came as a shock to me, I did not see myself leaving Citizen TV anytime soon

November 09, 2017 at 10:48
Kirigo Ng'arua: My layoff came as a shock to me, I did not see myself leaving Citizen TV anytime soon

Former Citizen TV anchor has finally opened up about her retrenchment. Kirigo Ng’arua says she didn’t expect to be among those who would be fired.

Royal Media Services (RMS) carried out a major restructuring in October 2016. Over 100 employees were sent packing as the media house said difficult business environment in the broadcast industry had cut revenues.

Kirigo Ng’arua was among RMS journalists laid off in the restructuring. The retrenchment was a big shock to her because she wasn’t prepared for it.

“A lay off is never easy on throws you into some confused state..and for it to happen in public makes it slightly harder cause everyone wants to know what happened..of course you have many questions..why me..what did I do wrong??what will my family say??what will people think of me??but it is not the end of the world…in fact I believe it’s a stepping stone to bigger and greater things..It’s definitely a lot harder but you learn to take it a day at a time,” says Kirigo Ng’arua.

Kirigo Ng’arua

I knew people would be fired

Kirigo says she had gotten wind about the retrenchment but she never thought she would be on the list. She reveals that she wasn’t sure how to act when she was given a letter terminating her employment.

“My layoff came as a bit of a shock to me as I did not see myself leaving Citizen TV anytime soon. Well, I knew that some people would be laid off but I did not give it much thought as I was focused on making myself better in my job. What I actually dreaded came to be a reality. In that shock, I wasn’t sure how to react. But there was no going back for me. I had to move forward,” Kirigo told Pulse.



Kirigo says rumors ran rife she was dating a sponsor after she happened to be in the same flight with a government official. She explains that she was traveling abroad after being fired from Citizen TV when she happened to be in the same flight with the ‘sponsor’.

“I have some of my relatives abroad and they invited me over to spend some time with them and I considered it a way for me to take my mind off things. From that, people started spreading rumors that I was dating a sponsor and that he was taking me on holiday. It’s funny how people love to draw conclusions about an issue even before getting their facts right.”







  1. Good to see her coming on strong

  2. Wish they give people a warning months

  3. That must hv been a great shocker

  4. All will be fine

  5. I fit in her shoes well,its terrible

  6. The future is bright

  7. Esther Thuku Wanjiku : November 9, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    People are people my d.a ad thy will alwz talk no matter what u do or say…. I just wish u all the best ad everything hapens for a good reason ad u neva knw what destiny has installed for u… I wanted to apply huko for a job vacancy as a designer or camera gal but kama hivo ndo wanatoa watu, i dont think they can take me…

  8. God will open another avenue,only GOD can

  9. I was in your shoes once and I only know too well what it’s like. But again Kirigo, you are rich and covered…with God to look up to, you are rich at heart my sister. Trust Him and look up to Him a better door will open. Baraka tele!

  10. Kirigo,take heart. I once lost a job I so valued & so I clearly share your feelings. Its good you quickly realised you had to forge ahead. Life must go on! I was one of your big funs & your retrenchment left some marks in my heart. God has always some good plans for our lives & you will get a better job than the previous one.

  11. Human beings can at times be so cruel… that critical moment when you are navigating through a crisis, somebody somewhere is busy manufacturing a rumour about you. It is awful.

  12. It’s so hard to believe such a thing especially when you have shown that you are able to work. Dear sister that is not the end but just a beginning of new avenues. As for those who propagate evil against you they are making you strong with their silly accusations. Focus on your future.

  13. Been in the same situation, but all I would tell you is that God led whoever compiled the list of those who left. He has better jobs for all of you,but needs to show you first that He can take care of you at all times.

  14. When one door closes another bigger one must open

  15. We really miss you,

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