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Kwisha!!Joey Muthengi quits Citizen TV after falling in trouble over betting deal with Mariga 

November 08, 2018 at 11:48
Kwisha!!Joey Muthengi quits Citizen TV after falling in trouble over betting deal with Mariga 

Citizen TV host Joey Muthengi has handed in her resignation at Royal Media Services after landing in trouble over her betting endorsement.

The “Day Break’ and ‘10 over 10′ host handed in her resignation on Wednesday after she was summoned for disciplinary action for endorsing Betin yet RMS has its own betting company called Shabiki.

She gave them a four day notice and left the station according to sources.

The source further revealed that Citizen TV wanted to punish her for the actions since she’s seen as a brand ambassador of the station and all their products.

“The thinking was that she is a Citizen TV brand and should not be promoting a rival company,” said the source who spoke to Nairobinews.


Joey Muthengi has been the talk of town lately after landing the advert. Kenyans have also pressured her to date Mariga who she’s endorsing the betting site with.






  1. She has a right to earn…that’s selfish of Royal Media. Contrary to that, they should have been proud of her.

  2. It’s called side hustle so citizen TV should try to understand

  3. Who uses shabiki anyway

  4. Have done the same is I were in her shoes.Why hustle with RMS while better deals are out there. We don’t work for fame but so as as the company grows we also grow. RMS should pay their staff well to avoid the temptations.

  5. They should have offered her a deal ..why wait till she gets the betting deal selfish..that is hustle and be proud of her

  6. Aaaaih thus so wrong, Joey u did the right think for resigning,coz this like in flinching your rights sweet, u have the right to make adverts anywhere end with anybody u willing with as long as u not interfering with some bodies business. Bt I see shabiki is doing OK WhatsApp with RMS, surely.

  7. When will people understad RMS has no interest in their people.I mean,look at how fast they disowned Jacky maribe,am not surprised that this has happened to joey..Its no news to me,I expect this and much worse from them..

  8. Dr. Dominic Musembi : November 9, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    All is correct and in order as far as conflicts of interest is concerned.

    RMS has its own betting so the best thing to do is, with no regret, to quit!

    Joey go on, joyfully, with your big dreams, all is well with you, you are a super star.

  9. Mariga it’s now ur awesome moment kung’oa Moniamaa. Wacha waongee kana ka ukambani.

  10. This been the weakest early Morning presentor I kept wondering how she was constantly retained as a news presentor with such a weak voice. Her place was noisy 10/10 where surprisingly one could feel the energy in her voice. Happy she will no longer make my morning so boring

  11. Siranjiz Ranjiz : November 10, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    How I’ll miss seeing such a beautiful soul during ten over ten….. The rest nazo hazinihusu, I don’t bet neither do I listen to those day break

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