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Lulu Diva on ‘Chekecha’ check this video

September 16, 2019 at 17:55
Lulu Diva on 'Chekecha' check this video

Lulu Diva has dropped a new jam dubbed Chekecha. Diamond’s alleged lover, Lulu Diva has released this jam amid claims that he is pregnant for him. Also it is said that she is dating Jaguar alias Charles Njagua a Kenyan member of parliament.

Chekecha is a song that is talking more about making love and how it is served. The Tanzanian song-tress has well crafted lyrics even after taking forever to release songs. It is clear that Lulu Diva has given Chekecha her all. All this you can tell from the costume to the dancers.

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What is the message in ‘Chekecha’?

It is time to look at what Chekecha is all about. To start with, there are lines that are too good to be left out. Anafikisha meli na inashuka Bandari ooh, bandari ooh Hiki kinesi kimedunda dunda Shangari ooh, shangari ooh. In this stanza she has used a lot of coded language.  She has likened the act of the lover to that of a ship captain on a journey. Also trying to find out which journey it is.

Lulu Diva on 'Chekecha' check this video

Anamwaga na kumimina, anachekecha Ka mzizi shina, anapekecha Mkate wa kumimina, anachekecha Kama maji kwenye kisima, anachekecha Yaani moja wima, anapekecha Mzima mzima, anachekecha Yaani kanipa uji. This stanza is vulgar. You can already tell that by looking at this stanza. It is obvious she is describing an act. To add on, she is talking of being given porridge. Really this is crazy.

Na sio mchina Anachekecha, anachekecha Na mi namcheketua Anachekecha(mama) Kipa na matede. Also you realize in this stanza she is explaining what they are doing to each other. Though sugar coated, one can easily tell what this is about.

In addition to the meaning, Chekecha has a selected audience. It is only appealing to those below 30.

In conclusion, Lulu Diva has delivered Chekecha in a superb way. Did she really have to pick those shirtless male vixens? Anyway they look like snacks. Last but not least, Lulu Diva gets a rating of 5/10 in Chekecha.




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