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“Mama I made it!” Jalang’os beautiful message as he finally graduates from prestigious university

November 13, 2020 at 09:40
"Mama I made it!" Jalang’os beautiful message as he finally graduates from prestigious university

Kiss FM radio host Jalang’o will be graduating today from Daystar university where he has been schooling for the past 3 years.

A while back while celebrating his brother MC Jessy who graduated with a bachelors degree; Jalang’o went on to make it known that Jessy and are the reason he registered at the University back in 2013 – but due to ups and downs, he later joined in 2016 to pursue his degree in community development.

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Many moons have passed since my brother MC Jessy told me talent without school is nothing. Today (June 28) the truth just dawned on me when I saw this pic of my brother in a gown!!

With 140 hours to achieve his dreams, Jalang’o promised to make his late father proud; not forgetting to bring some joy to his mum who struggled throughout her whole life to give Jalang’o and siblings a comfortable life.In the post dedicated to MC Jessy, Jalang’o  wrote;

My registration at Daystar is 130607 and you would wonder why if I am 13 why am I in school 6 years later? No, the pressure from Kizito who was the PR manager at Daystar and that of Jessy sent me to register in 2013 yet I joined 3 years later. Jessy kept on pushing me to register and I kept wondering what for? I have a career, I have connections? Why do I need to go to school? Today is another reason! So I just registered so that Jessy would not disturb me.

Brother like MC Jessy

According to Jalang’o this friend did not quit on him; and for this reason he had no option but to push on hoping he would graduate the same year as MC Jessy, 2019.

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Little did I know that after I had registered Jessy would still be after me asking me if I attended class. To cut the long story short, I have already done more than 100hrs in school from a possible 140! 40hrs to go before I wear the same gown! I pushed myself so hard and knew we would graduate together but I have just a few hours to go! I promise you I am next!

Jalang’o graduates

And just like that, a year later and Jalango has achieved his dream of graduating with a bachelors degree. It has indeed been a long journey but thanks to his supportive mother, wife and friends; Jalang’o now holds the one certificate he had been yarning for since scoring a C+ back in high school.

Jalang’o graduates

Through his gram the presenter wrote;

With Pride I lift your name Jehovah! In your own time you did it! Today the 13th day of Nov. 2020 I graduate!
The sacrifices, late nights and now we Win!
This is for you Dad I know you are smiling from heaven! Mum i told you i will do it! I will always make you proud!
To Jaber herself Thank you
My brothers and sister! Thank you!
To my Dean Dr. Ongaro God bless you!
To all my lecturers Thank you!
To all my classmates Thank you!
To the whole Daystar UNIVERSITY Community Thank you!
To Team Jalas Thank you!
It is never too late! Keep the Focus and dont loose it!!
God above everything!!




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