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Mammito reveals why she does not wear underwear

September 09, 2021 at 14:23
Mammito reveals why she does not wear underwear

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Comedian Mammito recently went to Tz for an interview with Diva the bawse on Wasafi TV’s Lavi Davi show; and judging from how the interview went – all I can say is that Mammito is one big joker.

Yes, the lady was definitely born to be a comedian and so far, Mammito is entertaining East Africans quite well; and the best part is – Tanzanians seem smitten by her broken Swahili jokes.

Comedienne Mammito

Well – what can I say; the girl brings something new to the table; and unlike before, Mammito seems to be taking over a male deminated industry.

Mammito opens up

Although the interview went on for about 30 minutes (of Mammito struggling to keep up with Tz Swahili); at least we learnt that she has been with Butita for 4 years and counting.

So far we understand that they’re are so fond of each other to a point she apparently even takes a dump in front of him. Talk about real love, right?


Anyway during the same interview Mammito got a question from a fan inquiring how many pairs of underwear she owns; and to our surprise – turns out that she actually doesn’t wear panties! Okay…I know it’s a thing with women but yoooh – who saw that coming!

Responding to the fan, Mammito’s went on to say;

Mimi sipendelei kuzivalia. Nikivaa labda ni mara moja baada ya siku nyingi. Huwa zinaleta joto sana.

I know right….but again – we said it, Mammito isn’t your average comedian; and will keep spicing up things for her fans. Anyway watch the full interview below courtesy of Wasafi TV.

Starting: 1hr 19minutes.


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