Man nearly loses breath while trying to beat DJ Mo’s pizza eating record (Photos)

August 20, 2018 at 12:29
Man nearly loses breath while trying to beat DJ Mo's pizza eating record (Photos)

About three weeks ago, DJ Mo and Samchi Group of Companies CEO Esther Muchemi took part in a challenge to eat the largest pizza ever prepared in East Africa.

The pizza, which was prepared at Heavenly foods Restaurant at El Roi Plaza, Tom Mboya street, measured 43 inches by 43 inches and had 6 flavors.

DJ Mo and Esther Muchemi only managed to eat 15 pieces out of the 436 pieces. They were supposed to eat as many pieces as possible within 6 minutes.

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Record broken

Musician Murua Mziki and his friend Brown went to Heavenly foods Restaurant on a mission to break DJ Mo’s pizza eating record.

Murua Mziki

Murua Mziki

Murua Mziki with Brown before they took on the challenge

Murua Mziki with Brown before they took on the challenge

Yes, the two broke the record but at a cost. They ate 17 pieces out of 436 pieces, but Murua Mziki was almost carried to the hospital in an ambulance as he nearly fainted while trying to beat Mo’s record.

Murua Mziki was gasping for breath by the time the 6 minutes elapsed. He however took pride in knowing that he had broken DJ Mo’s record.

Murua is currently running a competition on his social platforms in search of talented singers to support their music dream. He will pay for their first audio and video.







  1. Mwangi Stephen : August 20, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    Hahaha I need to beat DJ MO hii pizza kwangu hakuna kazi

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