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Milly WaJesus introduces gorgeous sisters during sibling day-out (Video)

September 07, 2020 at 15:30
Milly WaJesus introduces gorgeous sisters during sibling day-out (Video)

Internet couple, the WaJesus has been known for their public romance but very little has been said about their family backgrounds.

Both having to go through a childhood that was never all comfy but one that saw their parents work tirelessly to fend for their children and being the first born in her family, Milly finally introduced the other missing bit of her siblings.

Lovebirds, Kabi and Milly WaJesus

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The Internet sensation’s charming looks and curvy body have overtime left many drooling over a dear married Milly but if you thought she took away all the genes of beauty in her family, then I’m afraid you got fooled.

The meet

Milly has relatively younger siblings, quite young I mean but a greater percentage being the girls who are 3 and 2 boys. Born in a family of 5, the babe probably had to spend more time taking care of her younger siblings than any of them ever did.

YouTuber, Milly WaJesus

This might be why, she looks much older when sitted with the pack of youngins, having to find her way through life and taking the tougher route on behalf of her younger siblings.

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Over the chilly weekend, Milly decided to take her siblings out to popular joint, KFC for a snack that ended in a bucket each, with a bottle of soda to juice it up. Still in their young years, all reserved and seemingly introverted but with looks worth dying for, have a look at the breathtaking beauties:

Check out fans’ reactions:

ndunguann796 Awww amazing fam❤️


_.aus_ Kwani hawana family meal n kids meal package kama nchi zingine?


nduta.marie Lovely family


makena.kiruja Lazima ungesema uliwanunulia ..really now wajesus..


angelkiki4 Loving family ❤️❤️❤️




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