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“Mimi nampenda Tanasha sana” Wema Sepetu confesses

October 09, 2020 at 19:45
“Mimi nampenda Tanasha sana” Wema Sepetu confesses

Actress Wema Sepetu has come out to reveal that she has nothing against Tanasha Donna who was dating Diamond Platnumz a while ago.

The lass revealed this while on an interview with Juma Lokole on her cooking show ‘Cook with Wema Sepetu.’ This came right after Juma Lokole went on to list the people he dislikes and has no plans of befriending.

Apart from Mange Kimambi, the original East and Hamisa Mobetto; the controversial IG blogger also named Tanasha Donna who he publicly confessed to disliking.

Wema Sepetu with Juma Lokole

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Wema Sepetu distances herself

Of course hosting Juma Lokole helped with the viewership; but after confirming that he had beef with Mama Naseeb Junior – then Wema Sepetu stepped in to neutralize the situation. Well played!

Since it would be mean to dislike a person without a reason, the Wema asked Juma Lokole to disclose his biggest issue with the lass saying;

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Sababu ya kumchukia? Me huwezi amini mimi nampendaga yule msichana. Aaah kwa sababu si mke mzangu sasa ivi. Ukisema ni mke mwezangu utakuwa ukilazimisha. Mimi Tanasha nampenda.

Sadly Juma Lokole did not share the same feelings as Wema Sepetu; especially after their ugly fallout that led to Juma Lokole exposing her for being lazy in bed.




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