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“Mnafik ni mamako aliyekuzaa!” Zero chills as Mama Diamond Platnumz tells a male fan

February 21, 2018 at 17:14
"Mnafik ni mamako aliyekuzaa!" Zero chills as Mama Diamond Platnumz tells a male fan

When you come after Mama Dangote then you better be ready for a battle. While fans take shots at her, the Tanzanian singer’s mum is often ready to hit back at fans lashing at her.

After maintaining her silence for months, Bi Sandra was recently caught up in an online fight that left other fans spectating from the side.

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It all started when a certain fan came out to call Mama Dangote a fake woman who likes attention from her son’s fans.

The comment opened a platform for other fans to join in but Mama Dangote was ready to defend herself.

Mama Dangote throws shade

After calling her an attention seeker, the lady went on to respond telling the guy to go back to his mother as he was barking on the wrong tree. She said,





  1. Am so saddened by what I see in social media today…. since when did young onew started insulting their parents? Waaa! May God help our children & forgive them & us in general, am just asking why would you even dare do that?

  2. Wash!I’m tongue tied….what a shame on media?

  3. Mtu anipe bakora nimwoshe moto ya mbalakote

  4. Really disheartening. Again, it mirrors our society.. We are at the lows. Back in the day, no one talked back .Now, we fire back. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  5. Young’s should respect the elders

  6. Dah!!We should respect our elders dear youngs

  7. We should avoid fallacy of ignorantium

  8. Napenda kusema kuwa mm namtaka huyo unayemponda kwani hata mm wa mama napenda sana tena sana tu

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