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“My son looks like Heaven Bahati” says Risper Faith

August 01, 2019 at 09:11
“My son looks like Heaven Bahati” says Risper Faith

There are many who have been waiting for Risper to unveil her son’s face but it seems to be taking long.

However, thanks to a comment the lady recently left under the Bahati’s photo shared by Diana Marua we now understand that Risper’s son apparently looks like Heaven Bahati.

The Bahati’s

The mother of one went on to leave a comment saying;

So cute I wish I had the confidence to post my son he looks like heaven❤️🤗🤗


This is the first time Risper Faith is opening up about her son. A while back she had revealed that her husband Brian is not willing to have them share a photo of their baby – therefore it might take a while before we finally see him.

Singer Marya and husband

Among the celebrities who have continue to hide their children’s faces is Marya and her hubby who have kept their son Kevo Junior on the low for almost 2 years now.

Avril Nyambura, Cashy among others also seem to have joined in the new trend of keeping their babies on the low until they feel comfortable to reveal them.




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