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Nadia Mukami comes clean on who she is dating

April 03, 2019 at 10:03
Nadia Mukami comes clean on who she is dating

Fast-rising Kenyan songstress, Nadia Mukami has seen fans and followers give her sleepless nights over her love life.

Petite Kenyan singer, Nadia Mukami

It is almost definite that once fame comes your way, something called ´peace´ might be hard to fetch especially for a personal life.

The petite singer has seen fans merge her with fellow artists, the most recent, being dance hall artist, Arrow Bwoy.

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However, she closed that particular chapter in this single statement:

He´s taken by the way. I don´t want to ruin homes.

However, the dust only settled for couple weeks before fans reemerged to her social media pages asking who warms her bed in the night.

The ´Si Rahisi´ hit maker has decided to bite the bullet and come outright:

Stop giving me social media boyfriends.

This she addressed to the ´love-matchers´ on social media.

For now mniache.

The youthful vocalist needs her personal space for crying out loud.

More to it

Fans will always be fans and they posed these questions to her, in an interactive session:

´Si Rahisi´ hitmaker, Nadia Mukami

Who are you dating?

My Bae.

Are you married and do you have a child?

Nope. Still a virgin.

How long are you planning to be a virgin?

Till marriage.

Precise and to the point is what marked her answers.


However, her fans had these to address her with:

Si ikue ni mimi next😊😊😊

kevin kimm

Wee ikue mimi naweza lala na gumboots😂😂

Shawn Derrick

Acha kunipea hopes bure😊😊😊

Swiz Lordie

hahahah sirahisi wacha kwanza katembe

samuel muraya

😂😂😂Wanakupenda sana ndio maana

Eyaz Music

usikatae baraka, hao unawekelewa ni baraka tele

Biko Obimbo

And am here Nadia.. Wakuache. Nkt!

sam mac

Wamepost nani na niko apa mami😂😂😂 @nadia_mukami

FineKid KE

@nadia_mukami tunakupenda ndio maana

fred shihemi

Let them make a name, don´t loss focus.. Remain on your lane..we love your game…good vibes…!!!

Albanus Musyoka

Post tumuone tu jamani

Raymond Omwando

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