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Naiboi features Kaxumbari and Vanso Da Gama in new jam ” 4 The Hunnies” its worth your time (Video)

November 09, 2019 at 10:56
4 the Hunnies

Naiboi Worldwide has  proven that music is for the world. By all means  Naiboi works so hard to give Kenyans good music if not not weekly its more of monthly thing. Well, know what? Kenyans love people that work hard to deliver. This time Naiboi has teamed up with fellow artists Kaxumbari- some names- and Vanso Da gama. Together they bring us new jam titled  “4 The Hunnies”.

Just incase why many artists are working with Naiboi.

A song that celebrates women and their beauty. I mean women are wonderful creatures. True? No? Okay, but they are.


4 The Hunnies

In the song Naiboi starts off  on high note of course with breathtaking views of the coastal scene-the beach.  For starters the vixens in the video are very pretty and for that they add to the color in the visuals.

As most ladies are still working on the trash calling of men, the guys are busy praising all he girls.In this Naiboi and his boys have put so much effort in the lyrical break.

4the hunnies

In addition, the repetitiveness at the chorus is well done. Just like the choice of vixens was also well done.

In his verse, Kaxumbari  keen to appreciate Naiboi for holding them up. He also appreciate the kind of music the lady likes, music such as Benga and Kuwaito. And of course called out  on the sponsor vice that is all over.

Onwards ,Vanso Da Gama showed his lyrical prowess in the last verse and you feel the excitement as you dance to the beat.

The whole production was so well done that if you had reasons to sulk “4the hunnies” would change that  vibe immediately.

The production was done under Pacho Entertainment, Naiboi Worldwide. Produced by  RIXX, mixed  and  mastered by Ogopa Deejays  and  done Video done by  Vj One.

This jam is  definitely  worth your time For rating I will go for 7/10. Tell us what you think.Enjoy.




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