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Navy Kenzo goes all ‘Magical’ in love

November 25, 2019 at 19:49
Navy Kenzo goes all 'Magical' in love

Navy Kenzo is back with a hot tune dubbed Magical. The Tanzanian singer is all going about love. Seems there is is this girl who is playing magic on him.

This dude is such a great talent. The way Magical has been introduced is something that very attractive. Navy Kenzo has great vocals, kwanza the bass.

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The style he has adopted for his music makes him unique in Tanzania where most people sing and write in Swahili. Navy Kenzo seems to understand the queen’s language easily.

To add on, the video is well shot and quality. It meets the international threshold. When we talk of greats beats and good sound, this is a perfect song to rate with. I mean every single word is clear. Every single beat is clear. This is just amazing I tell you.

In addition to the good video, let us look at the lyrics of Magical. First, you will confirm that Navy Kenzo’s lyrical prowess is unmatched. There is something that is very unique about his work.

Navy Kenzo goes all 'Magical' in love

She is Magical is a love song

There Is A Girl On My Mind,  Beautiful Girl On My Side,  Be here for Your man, and no need for de talk Baby gal ama sucker for Your love,  And you know ama fight for your Love For Your Love, For Your Love.  Actually, in this stanza, Navy Kenzo speaks to the girl he is begging for her love.

To add on to the tune, you will be singing the chorus along just by listening to the jam for the first time. It goes like; She magical yeah She magical ooh She magical eha She magical ooh ehh.

Without dwelling on that so much, you realise there is a lot of strength in the vocals and the whole song in general. In conclusion, Magical is a great tune and Navy Kenzo gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.




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